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Cri (Le)

Le Cri label was founded in 1981, Mols editions have now associated with it to ensure the longevity of its collections, that range from lite... Read more

History?Literature?Social sciences?

maelstrÖm reEvolution

maelstrÖm means ?abyss? or ?whirlpool?, natural phenomena geographically situated near to the Norwegian cost, just beyond the polar circle.... Read more


L'L éditions

Nowadays, motivated by the goal of a better showing of what's a study in scenic art, Michèle Braconnier and Pierre Boitte created a publish... Read more

Literature Social sciences

Un coquelicot en hiver

Founded in 2009, Un Coquelicot en Hiver specializes in the publication of testimonials, practical guides and collective collections. ... Read more

Leisure and practical life?Literature?


A publishing house specialising in publications on dowsing, radionics, geobiology and well-being. There is an online site where you can buy ... Read more

Social sciences?

Alice Jeunesse

Founded in 1995, Alice Éditions started by publishing fine books and essays. It was in 2001 that Alice Jeunesse was born, first of all wit... Read more


Entre deux pages

Entre deux pages is a publishing house on publisher account and was founded in December 2018 thanks to children books author Anne Libotte?s ... Read more



Education as a basis to become a strong adult. To grow up into a knowing, feeling, value-driven adult. To contribute to positive changes in ... Read more

; cls: uk-active apk-tooltip'>Extracurricular?School ; cls: uk-active apk-tooltip'>Youth?

CEP Éditions

CEP - Créations-Europe-Perspectives Editions is a publishing house which was founded in 2014, the city of origin of the two founders and di... Read more

Art Literature?


This publishing house was founded in 1974, following the meeting of Marcel Dricot and an author from Liège who is now very well known, havi... Read more

Comic strip?Literature?