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À pas de loups

A youth publishing house that tiptoes, noiseless and discreet, to stimulate little wolves’ imagination! ... Read more


Ab Éditions

We publish the monthly Catholic journal 'La Charité'/'De Liefdadigheid' in both French and Dutch, which was created more than 120 years ago... Read more

Social sciences?

ABA Éditions - Association belge des athées

ABA (Belgian association of atheists) Editions publishes a collection "Atheist Studies" which includes collective thematic works and books o... Read more

Social sciences?


Founded in 1987 and based in Louvain-la-Neuve, at the heart of the university city, Academia is a publishing house specialising in  human s... Read more

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Académie royale de Belgique

Publishing is one of the fundamental aims of the Royal Academy of Belgium. It publishes the works of its members, and of the most celebrated... Read more

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In keeping with its Rimbaldian inspiration, Aden is an independent publishing house located in Brussels. Founded in 2000 by Gilles Martin, i... Read more

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Agence wallonne du Patrimoine

L'IPW is a regional public organisation leading missions linked to architectural heritage. ... Read more

Social sciences Tourism and travel

Alice Jeunesse

Founded in 1995, Alice Éditions started by publishing fine books and essays. It was in 2001 that Alice Jeunesse was born, first of all wit... Read more


Alternatives théâtrales

Alternatives théâtrales, since its foundation in 1979, has edited and published a review of the same name, dedicated to the presentation, ... Read more



A publishing house founded in 1996, the Editions Amyris are well-known and respected for the contents of their work, and holding the copyrig... Read more

Social sciences