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Trinkhall Museum

The MADmusée (which stands for the Musée d'Art Différencié) is a museum of Art Brut Contemporain (Contemporary Brut Art) situated in Li... Read more


Taillis Pré

Le Taillis Pré Editions, founded in 1984 by the poet Yves Namur, immediately revealed an editorial focus on authors from across the entire ... Read more



Tandem is a double adventure, through the worlds of edition and engraving, and is the result of the tireless work of an association. Tandem ... Read more



La Taupîne Editions presents (and will present) texts by little-known authors, either French-language (or not), young (or not), and talente... Read more



The Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) is the first trans-European research network in the field of European affairs. It cons... Read more

Dictonnary - Encyclopedias Economy/Management


In 2016 was created the Translation and Interpreting Department of the new Faculty of Letters, Translation and Communication (LTC), named Te... Read more

Social sciences

Terres et Vie

A publishing house specialised in the agronomy, biology, ecology, the environment, agricultural techniques, well-being of cultivated plants,... Read more

Exact sciences

Territoires de la Mémoire

The association Les Territoires de la Mémoire is an educational centre of Resistance and Citizenship. To carry out memory work with childre... Read more

History Social sciences


The practical guides of Test-Achats clearly answer to the questions of the customers regarding to : Money and rights-Health & Wellness ... Read more

Dictonnary - Encyclopedias Economy/Management Leisure and practical life

Tétras Lyre

Tétras Lyre Editions was founded in 1988 by Marc Imberechts. During their twenty years of publishing poetry, the publishing house has devel... Read more