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Larcier Business

Larcier Business is the department of professional publishing in the newly created ELS Group. It offers reliable tools to businesses for the... Read more

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Langue au Chat

Who is serious but amusing ? Instructive but fun? Educational but humorous? Give your tongue to the cat (votre ‘Langue au Chat’, which m... Read more


Etre vu pour être lu

A watchful eye over literature. Être vu pour être lu editions is a publishing house founded on 24th October 2019. While sharing a great an... Read more



Kate’Art Éditions is a young, dynamic publishing house founded in 2000. Its mission is to make art and culture accessible to children and... Read more

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Degive (Éditions Antoine )

To astonish : a simple but ambitious point. To be astonish ourselves, as publisher, to be able to astonish the reader. To astonish thanks to... Read more


Sh-Op Éditions

... Read more


Ousia is a publishing house founded in 1979 by philosophy teachers of the French-speaking universities in Belgium. It aims to publish worthy... Read more

Social sciences

Bayard Jeunesse

BPB ? the Belgian subsidiary of Bayard-Milan Helping children to grow by accompanying them in each stage of their lives, responding to their... Read more


Pierre de Lune

Pierre de lune is the Brussels Centre Scénique Jeunes Publics, a Scenic Centre for younger audiences and was founded in 1979. It offers a s... Read more



Since its creation in 1979, GRIP (which is, above all, a centre of research on questions of international security) has launched itself into... Read more

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