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Edi.Pro publishes works centred around practices and experiences, aimed at professionals (accoutants, businessmen, executives, the professio... Read more

  • Ventes et marketing / e-commerce
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    Social sciences?

    Éléments de langage

    Since 2012, the publishing house Éléments de langage have woven a pathway by merging together literary creation, innovative composition an... Read more



    EME  (Éditions Modulaires Européennes) is a publishing house specialized in academic subjects and the communication of texts relating to ... Read more

    Social sciences?


    Empaj Editions is a newly created publishing house active in the region of Liège. Its aim is to carefully select and study each manuscript ... Read more


    Employé du Moi

    The Employé du Moi is a Brussels-based comic book publishing house founded around 2000 by a few cartoonists. Its book production evolves ar... Read more

    Comic strip?

    Entre deux pages

    Entre deux pages is a publishing house on publisher account and was founded in December 2018 thanks to children books author Anne Libotte’... Read more



    The label Éranthis, founded by la Ciaco in Louvain-la-Neuve, starts with É like its collection « Écriture » (Writing). Since 2010, « ... Read more


    Espace Nord

    The Espace Nord collection gathers together more than 300 titles of French-language Belgian literary heritage. Characterised by its pocket f... Read more



    Beyond the simple beauty of the character &, the creation of our publishing house is an expression of our desire to bring together writers a... Read more



    Etopia is a Namur-based community centre and a political ecology research facility. Our think tank was founded in 2004 and gathers ecologica... Read more

    Social sciences?