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A publisher which has wide range of publications (archaeology, architecture, business, economics, law, Egyptology, biblical studies, geograp... Read more

History Social sciences


Saint-Bernard editions are concerned with spreading the Word to the largest number of souls, in order to contribute to the spirituality and ... Read more

Social sciences


SAMSA Sprl is a publishing house and an infographic company. It has been active since august 1999. It occasionally associates with partners ... Read more



A publishing house specialising in publications on dowsing, radionics, geobiology and well-being. There is an online site where you can buy ... Read more

Social sciences?


Soliflor is a publishing house with a family atmosphere where plenty of ideas blossom, collected into little, colourful square books, sweepi... Read more

Art Leisure and practical life

Surfaces utiles

Surfaces Utiles is an editorial garden cultivating a heterogeneity of artistic, literary, and typographic practices by appropriating and hac... Read more

Art Literature

Société Royale Belge de Géographie

Besides organisations of talks, seminars and trips, the Society publishes since its creation a scientific journal that, since its 2000 fusio... Read more

Sh-Op Éditions

Sh-op Editions is a publishing and consultancy company that publishes books on eating and drinking well. Books that are different, accessibl... Read more

Leisure and practical life?

Société de langue et de littérature wallonnes

... Read more