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Initially founded in order to publish translations of Bosnian, Croation and Serbian literature, M.E.O. editions very quickly saw their activ... Read more



Maedia sprl embodies a pubishing activity dedicated primarily to the different kinds of urban arts. Since 2012, Maedia's goal is to share wi... Read more


maelstrÖm reEvolution

maelstrÖm means ?abyss? or ?whirlpool?, natural phenomena geographically situated near to the Norwegian cost, just beyond the polar circle.... Read more



Held since 2005 by an independent family shareholder, Mardaga is a publishing house that relies on a rich editorial heritage to publish titl... Read more

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Marginales is a Belgian review founded in 1945 by Albert Ayguesparse, a key figure in Belgian literature. Since its beginnings, Marginales h... Read more


Marque Belge

Marque Belge, founded in 2016, is a Belgian generalist publishing house. Fields of publication: Literature, books, lifestyle. ... Read more

Literature Social sciences


Memory Editions is a Belgian publishing house. Its aim: to promote Belgian authors through novels, short stories and life stories. ... Read more



Meta-Morphosis is a cultural engineering agency and a specialized publisher dedicated to the preservation of site memory and to the transmis... Read more


Midis de la Poésie

Founded in 1949, the Midis de la poésie is an association from Brussels which has, for more than sixty years, promoted literature and poetr... Read more

Migration Policy Group

The Migration Policy Group is an independent non-profit European organisation dedicated to strategic thinking and acting on equality and mob... Read more

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