About us 


Wallonie-Bruxelles Édition's mission is to promote French-speaking Belgian literature on a national and international scale. This showcase is directed at all professionals in the book world who wish to discover the editorial production of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and all the players involved: publishers, literary agents, translators, authors, etc., both Belgian and foreign.

This wallonie-bruxelles-edition.org site presents:

  • A directory of Belgian publishers.
  • The agenda of national and international fairs and the ways in which Belgian publishers take part.
  • The programme of prospecting and networking missions.
  • Invitations to foreign partners to the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.
  • Catalogues and thematic studies.
  • The latest news from the Belgian book world.

  • A newsletter you can subscribe to.

It also offers a platform of all the available rights of titles published in French-speaking Belgium. This platform, shaped as a database for publishers, authors and translators, creates relations between all the players in the publishing industry, both in Belgium and abroad.

Wallonie-Bruxelles Édition is an initiative of the ADEB and Éditeurs singuliers, supported by Wallonie-Bruxelles International and the Ministry of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.


In partnership with the PILEn, Interprofessional Partnership for Books and Digital Publishing.

You can also find other resources to learn more about the interprofession in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation:

  • Lisez-vous le belge? the information platform dedicated to literature and French-speaking Belgian books, intended for professionals throughout the world.
  • Objectif Plumes,the reference portal for Belgian French-speaking and regional language literature.
  • Bela, an online library of French-speaking authors.
  • Syndicat des Libraires francophones de Belgique, an association whose objective is to keep alive the independent bookshops network in French-speaking Belgium.
  • Le Carnet et les Instants, the blog of the French-speaking Belgian literature, aimed at the general public in Belgium and abroad.

This site presents only book publishers. For magazines, please refer to the Revues.be website.