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The Guides Badeaux started by focusing on the urbanistic history and heritage of the Belgian capital and the surrounding area. These guides ... Read more

History?Tourism and travel?


A publishing house of Charleroi founded at the end of 2012, Les Éditions du Basson is developing three principal editorial lines : - Novels... Read more


Bayard Jeunesse

BPB ? the Belgian subsidiary of Bayard-Milan Helping children to grow by accompanying them in each stage of their lives, responding to their... Read more


Belle Alliance

The Belle Alliance publishing house… … Produces books that display a common passion and interest for Napoleonic history. Since the publi... Read more

; cls: uk-active apk-tooltip'>History?

Bleu d'encre

Bleu d'encre was, at first, a magazine created by Claude Donnay that focused on poetry and short stories. Its first number was issued on the... Read more



Bozon2x editions is a feast of unclassifiable novels, literary UFOs, and joyful frenzies at the crossroads of genres. A panel of explosive w... Read more


Bleu dans vert

Bleu dans vert is a micro-press publishing house that offers cock-and-bull books. Small, beautiful objects of every shape that tell beautifu... Read more

Art?Comic strip?

Bande à part

"The primary goal of our publishing house is to have fun and get out of quality work. The authors, presented, we have selected them, we lov... Read more

Comic strip?Youth?