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Midis de la Poésie

Founded in 1949, the Midis de la poésie is an association from Brussels which has, for more than sixty years, promoted literature and poetr... Read more

ARP2 Éditions

ARP2 éditions is a publishing house dedicated to the art of photography. In particular, ARP2 éditions promotes the work of photographers w... Read more


Des moulins et des hommes

This project aims to collect oral testimonies and ancient iconographic documents, any remnant left of life as it was in the entire Ourthe wa... Read more

History?Tourism and travel?


We hold and provide knowledge, we aim to enrich the expertise of our structural partners from the public and non-profit sectors, and offer t... Read more


Archives et Musée de la Littérature (AML)

As a publisher, the AML (Archives and Literature  Museum) editions creates: - Critical editions of Belgian authors, correspondences and bio... Read more


CEP Éditions

CEP - Créations-Europe-Perspectives Editions is a publishing house which was founded in 2014, the city of origin of the two founders and di... Read more

Art Literature?

Bleu dans vert

Bleu dans vert is a micro-press publishing house that offers cock-and-bull books. Small, beautiful objects of every shape that tell beautifu... Read more

Art?Comic strip?

Yellow Now

Founded in 1973, the publishing house Yellow Now specialises in three areas of visual art: About art: With books of artists, catalogues, an... Read more


Société Royale Belge de Géographie

Besides organisations of talks, seminars and trips, the Society publishes since its creation a scientific journal that, since its 2000 fusio... Read more

Trinkhall Museum

The MADmusée (which stands for the Musée d'Art Différencié) is a museum of Art Brut Contemporain (Contemporary Brut Art) situated in Li... Read more