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Corporate Copyright

Corporate Copyright Editions was founded in 1990 to develop practical books of quality, and at a competitive price, for accounting professio... Read more


Centre de recherche et d'info. socio-politiques (CRISP)

The Centre de recherche et d?information socio-politiques ? CRISP (Center for socio-political research and information) is a Belgian researc... Read more

Economy/Management?Social sciences?

Agence wallonne du Patrimoine

L'IPW is a regional public organisation leading missions linked to architectural heritage. ... Read more

Social sciences Tourism and travel


Founded in 1984 by the Belgian dancer and choreographer Patricia Kuypers, Contredanse has aimed, from its beginning, to support creations of... Read more



In keeping with its Rimbaldian inspiration, Aden is an independent publishing house located in Brussels. Founded in 2000 by Gilles Martin, i... Read more

Literature Social sciences

Murmure des soirs

Founded in 2011, Murmure des soirs is a publishing house specialising in Belgian literature. It publishes novels and short stories, detectiv... Read more



Le Daily-Bul is an idea, a review (1957-1983) and a publishing house founded by André Balthazar and Pol Bury in La Louvière, in 1957, on t... Read more


Les Éditions Panthère/CC asbl

Founded in September 2020, the Belgian publishing house based near Liège, Les Éditions Panthère, specializes in thriller and psychologica... Read more



Pat. H publishing house is specialised in illustrated books and geographic and touristic editions for 4- and 5-stars hotels, such as Welcome... Read more

Tourism and travel?

Prisme Éditions

Prisme Éditions, founded in 1995 by Liliane Knopes and the architect Jöel Claisse, presents unique and timeless collections or works. All ... Read more