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Ab Éditions

We publish the monthly Catholic journal 'La Charité'/'De Liefdadigheid' in both French and Dutch, which was created more than 120 years ago... Read more

Social sciences?


A publishing house specialising in publications on dowsing, radionics, geobiology and well-being. There is an online site where you can buy ... Read more

Social sciences?


Founded in 1993, Editions Racine has become one of the leading publishing houses in French-speaking Belgium in the space of a few years. The... Read more

Art History Leisure and practical life Literature Social sciences Tourism and travel

Espace Nord

The Espace Nord collection gathers together more than 300 titles of French-language Belgian literary heritage. Characterised by its pocket f... Read more


Yellow Now

Founded in 1973, the publishing house Yellow Now specialises in three areas of visual art: About art: With books of artists, catalogues, an... Read more


Presses universitaires de Louvain

The Presses universitaires de Louvain (Louvain University Press) offer almost 1,000 titles in all academic fields, and publish at a pace of ... Read more

Dictonnary - Encyclopedias Economy/Management Exact sciences Literature Social sciences

Infinity Feng Shui - IFS

Infinity Feng Shui is, above all, Marc-Oliver Rinchart & Johann Bauer. They are both consultants, lecturers, and trainers in BaZi and Fe... Read more

Leisure and practical life Social sciences


Les Éditions du Vide, founded in 2012, started from some thoughts : life is a good project. Humanity also is. But it would seem that these ... Read more



A publisher which has wide range of publications (archaeology, architecture, business, economics, law, Egyptology, biblical studies, geograp... Read more

History Social sciences

Cactus Inébranlable

Cactus Inébranlable Editions publishes novels, short stories, and collections of sayings and short texts (in the "Les P'tits Cactus" collec... Read more