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Société Royale Belge de Géographie

Besides organisations of talks, seminars and trips, the Society publishes since its creation a scientific journal that, since its 2000 fusio... Read more


Ousia is a publishing house founded in 1979 by philosophy teachers of the French-speaking universities in Belgium. It aims to publish worthy... Read more

Social sciences

Centre International de Documentation Marguerite Yourcenar (CIDMY)

CIDMY collects and distributes freely to the public the largest of all the written and audio-visual documents on Marguerite Yourcenar. ... Read more

Centre d'Action Laïque

The Centre d'Action Laïque - CAL (Centre for Secular Action) publishes : - The collection Liberté j'écris ton nom (Freedom I write your... Read more

Exact sciences Social sciences?


Le Frémok is an association founded in June 2002 by fusion of two publishing houses of alternative comics, Fréon (Belgique) and Amok (Fran... Read more

Art Comic strip Youth

Mulet (Le)

Created in 2018 by Mathieu Van Assche and Simon Vansteenwinckel, Le Mulet publishers have the following aims: publishing and selling books, ... Read more


Prisme Éditions

Prisme Editions present unique and timeless collections and works in Art, Architecture and Photography. Each one is the result of meeting an... Read more

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    Montagne à Malice

    La Montagne à Malice was founded in 2002, without hesitation or almost – it was a rocky road, but it made it. Ideas multiplied thanks to ... Read more


    Le Lombard

    Le Lombard editions are specialised in comic books for young readers. Founded in 1946, they started with the publication of the famous Tinti... Read more

    Comic strip?


    Kana is an editor of Manga. The publications of Kana are grouped in seven collections : "Shonen Kana", "Big Kana", "Shojo Kana", "Dark Kana"... Read more

    Comic strip