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Comité pour l'Abolition des Dettes Illégitimes (CADTM)

The CADTM Belgique and its international network are omnipresent in the auditing process of debts and in campaigns against illegal debt in c... Read more

Dictonnary - Encyclopedias Economy/Management


Pat. H publishing house is specialised in illustrated books and geographic and touristic editions for 4- and 5-stars hotels, such as Welcome... Read more

Tourism and travel?

P&M Éducation

The teaching tools we have developed concern the multiplication tables and the beginning of reading. They are characterised by our concern t... Read more

Extracurricular Youth

De Boeck Supérieur

With a catalogue of almost 3000 titles, and more than 250 new publications each year, De Boeck Supérieur is one of the major university pub... Read more

Economy/Management Exact sciences Social sciences

Éditions Beya

BEYA Editions dedicates its publications and research to the texts, symbols, myths and images of Hermetism and the great traditions by focus... Read more

Social sciences?

Chat ailé

Chat Ailé editions publish all kinds of novels, from classic to adventure, detective, fiction and children literature. In 2014, the idea of... Read more


Taillis Pré

Le Taillis Pré Editions, founded in 1984 by the poet Yves Namur, immediately revealed an editorial focus on authors from across the entire ... Read more


Centre des Écritures Dramatiques Wallonie-Bruxelles (CED-WB)

Accommodated by the Province de Hainaut, the Centre is developing a series of activities and is offering a number of services in order to fu... Read more


Founded in 1985, Editions du Cerisier were born out of the Théâtre des Rues in order to leave a trace: theatrical texts are doomed to be f... Read more


Partis pour

Partis Pour is a small Belgian publishing house dedicated to traveling, discovering the world and cultures and exploring wandering through s... Read more

Tourism and travel?