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Meta-Morphosis is a cultural engineering agency and a specialized publisher dedicated to the preservation of site memory and to the transmis... Read more


Luc Pire

The brand Éditions Luc Pire is widely renowned, due to more than 1,600 works being published under its label in 19 years. Its catalogue inv... Read more

Art History Social sciences


Pat. H publishing house is specialised in illustrated books and geographic and touristic editions for 4- and 5-stars hotels, such as Welcome... Read more

Tourism and travel?


Livr'S Editions is a Belgian publisher which wants to promote classic and SFFF French literature. Created in January 2015, Livr'S Editions i... Read more

Literature Youth?

Territoires de la Mémoire

The association Les Territoires de la Mémoire is an educational centre of Resistance and Citizenship. To carry out memory work with childre... Read more

History Social sciences

Centre International de Phonétique Appliquée (CIPA)

CIPA was founded in 1965. The main aim of CIPA was to study a language as an oral phenomenon, in order to promote teaching languages and mul... Read more

Le Scalde Éditions

Le Scalde is a young independent publishing house, located in the north of Brussels. Le Scalde publishes poetic autofictions, collections of... Read more



Caramel Editions are a worldwide specialist in the creation, publication and printing of books for children, offering a unique ratio cost/qu... Read more


Feuilles Familiales

Les Feuilles Familiales are publications of Couples and Families, a permanent educational association specialising in questions of sexuality... Read more

Social sciences?

Éditions de l'Université de Bruxelles

Founded in 1972, les Éditions de l'Université de Bruxelles publish, in pocket and large format, research works, university manuals and ess... Read more

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  • Histoire générale et mondiale
  • Seconde Guerre mondiale
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