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As the head of the biggest single-storey bookshop (Filigranes), at least of Europe, Marc Filipson has nothing to prove. But he is passionate... Read more


Fondation Maurice Carême

The Maurice Carême Foundation only distributes the works (poetry and prose) of the poet Maurice Carême, an internationally renowned writer... Read more



The publishing house Mijade was founded in 1993, a dream of its founder, Michel Demeulenaere, regarding the book era of comic books and adol... Read more



Founded in 1985, Editions du Cerisier were born out of the Théâtre des Rues in order to leave a trace: theatrical texts are doomed to be f... Read more



Maedia sprl embodies a pubishing activity dedicated primarily to the different kinds of urban arts. Since 2012, Maedia's goal is to share wi... Read more


Arbre à paroles (L')

A historic publishing house in the field of French-language poetry, L?Abre à paroles today publishes around twenty works a year, taking all... Read more


Cri (Le)

Le Cri label was founded in 1981, Mols editions have now associated with it to ensure the longevity of its collections, that range from lite... Read more

History?Literature?Social sciences?

Socrate - Promarex

Founded in 2003, Socrate Éditions - Promarex is a scientific publishing house based in Wallonia, which publishes original works and transla... Read more

Social sciences


Since its creation in 1979, GRIP (which is, above all, a centre of research on questions of international security) has launched itself into... Read more

Dictonnary - Encyclopedias History Social sciences

Institut Supérieur pour l’'Étude du Langage Plastique (ISELP

Founded in 1971, the ISELP– an institution for the study of visual arts – is a place where contemporary art is approached from different... Read more