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Employé du Moi

The Employé du Moi is a Brussels-based comic book publishing house founded around 2000 by a few cartoonists. Its book production evolves ar... Read more

Comic strip?


Héritiers d'une longue tradition d'éditeurs imprimeurs à Tournai et, plus largement, en Wallonie, l'ASBL Éditions Wapica ambitionne d'en... Read more


Accro Editions

Because literature is a question of passion? Lire et Relire (Read and Reread) is the first Accro Editions collection, and it is dedicated to... Read more


Van In - De Boeck

The publisher Van In ? De Boeck is a reference in primary and secondary education in Belgium. 2015 marked a major turning point in their off... Read more


Image publique

We publish books of authors who fulfill their dreams, and want to let the entire world know about what they have gained from it. Life journe... Read more

Leisure and practical life Literature Youth

Cormier (Le)

Le Cormier Editions was founded in Brussels in 1949 by Fernand Verhesen (1913-2009). Poet, essayist and translator, Verhesen was also a grea... Read more


Etre vu pour être lu

A watchful eye over literature. Être vu pour être lu editions is a publishing house founded on 24th October 2019. While sharing a great an... Read more


Corporate Copyright

Corporate Copyright Editions was founded in 1990 to develop practical books of quality, and at a competitive price, for accounting professio... Read more


ABA Éditions - Association belge des athées

ABA (Belgian association of atheists) Editions publishes a collection "Atheist Studies" which includes collective thematic works and books o... Read more

Social sciences?

L'attitude des héros

L'attitude des Héros publishes inspiring books by inspiring authors that nurture the careers and entrepreneurial trajectories of individual... Read more

Economy/Management Social sciences