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The Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) is the first trans-European research network in the field of European affairs. It cons... Read more

Dictonnary - Encyclopedias Economy/Management

De Boeck Supérieur

With a catalogue of almost 3000 titles, and more than 250 new publications each year, De Boeck Supérieur is one of the major university pub... Read more

Economy/Management Exact sciences Social sciences


CEP - Créations-Europe-Perspectives Editions is a new publishing house which was founded in 2014, the city of origin of the two founders an... Read more

Art Literature

Centre de recherche et d'info. socio-politiques (CRISP)

The Centre de recherche et d?information socio-politiques ? CRISP (Center for socio-political research and information) is a Belgian researc... Read more

Economy/Management?Social sciences?

Degive (Éditions Antoine )

To astonish : a simple but ambitious point. To be astonish ourselves, as publisher, to be able to astonish the reader. To astonish thanks to... Read more


Couleur livres

Stemming from Editions Vie, and loyal to the spirit which has guided more than 50 years of rigorous, critical and accessible publications, C... Read more

Social sciences?

Marmottons Éditions

Do you like to tell stories to the children around you ? Do you get carried away in the universe and the imagination of our marmots ? Are yo... Read more

Extracurricular Youth?

Noir Dessin Production

A publishing house which has been specialising in Walloon products for 20 years, Noir Dessin Production invites you to rediscover our folklo... Read more

Comic strip History Literature


We are a company of traditional media, focusing on the future. Our activities include the daily Grenz Echo, new medias, online portals, maga... Read more

Art Literature


Tandem is a double adventure, through the worlds of edition and engraving, and is the result of the tireless work of an association. Tandem ... Read more