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Kaza Editions (Crom Corporate)

... Read more

Comic strip Youth

Présence et Action Culturelles

Présence et Action Culturelles is a permanent, popular movement of Education recognised by the Ministry of Culture of the Fédération Wall... Read more

Social sciences


Meta-Morphosis is a cultural engineering agency and a specialized publisher dedicated to the preservation of site memory and to the transmis... Read more


Centre des Archives du Communisme en Belgique (CArCob)

On January 1st, 2001, CArCoB became an independent non-profit organisation. And since 1st January 2006, it has been contractually linked to ... Read more

La Houle

La Houle is an association founded in 2012 in Brussels aiming at relaying artistic, literary and editorial practices. Through the spaces of ... Read more



Bozon2x editions is a feast of unclassifiable novels, literary UFOs, and joyful frenzies at the crossroads of genres. A panel of explosive w... Read more



Since its foundation in 1999, the editorial line of the Éditions Jourdan has remained the same: to share with its readers a passion for His... Read more

History Social sciences


Kate'Art Editions is a dynamic Belgian publishing house founded in 2000. For almost 25 years, its mission has been to make art and culture a... Read more

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In order to diversify its collections, in 1988, French independent editor L’École des loisirs decides to open an editorial branch in Brus... Read more


Éléments de langage

Since 2012, the publishing house Éléments de langage have woven a pathway by merging together literary creation, innovative composition an... Read more