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Lettres Assassines

A publishing house which specialises in the crime genre (detective novels, thrillers, suspense novels, espionage). ... Read more

Ligue des Familles

La Ligue des familles is a Belgian French-speaking association supporting parents. It advocates four fundamental values, which make up its p... Read more

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Lily's Éditions

In March 2009, ?The Telegraph? wrote: ?Charleroi: the most depressing city in Europe becomes more depressing by the day?? Since then, its ar... Read more

  • Roman sentimental
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    Livr'S Editions is a Belgian publisher which wants to promote classic and SFFF French literature. Created in January 2015, Livr'S Editions i... Read more

    Literature Youth?

    Le Scalde Éditions

    Le Scalde is a young independent publishing house, located in the north of Brussels. Le Scalde publishes poetic autofictions, collections of... Read more


    Le Lion Z'ailé de Waterloo

    ... Read more

    Literature Social sciences

    L'L éditions

    Nowadays, motivated by the goal of a better showing of what's a study in scenic art, Michèle Braconnier and Pierre Boitte created a publish... Read more

    Literature Social sciences

    La Houle

    La Houle is an association founded in 2012 in Brussels aiming at relaying artistic, literary and editorial practices. Through the spaces of ... Read more


    Légal PME Editions

    ... Read more

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