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Beyond the simple beauty of the character &, the creation of our publishing house is an expression of our desire to bring together writers a... Read more


Province de Liège - Céfal

The foundation of the independent region-owned company Les Éditions de la Province de Liège (the editions of the Province of Liège in Bel... Read more



Les Éditions du Vide, founded in 2012, started from some thoughts : life is a good project. Humanity also is. But it would seem that these ... Read more


Accro Editions

Because literature is a question of passion? Lire et Relire (Read and Reread) is the first Accro Editions collection, and it is dedicated to... Read more


Fondation Wallonne

The Wallon Foundation Pierre and Jean-François Humblet organises activities regarding training and information, and eventually research, wh... Read more

History Social sciences

Bleu dans vert

Bleu dans vert is a micro-press publishing house that offers cock-and-bull books. Small, beautiful objects of every shape that tell beautifu... Read more

Art?Comic strip?


For more than half a century, Dupuis has written a big page in the history book of the comic strip. Beside its French-Belgian anchor and the... Read more

Comic strip?Youth?

Courgette Éditions

Courgette Editions grew with the seed of madness! The only publishing house that is sprout to use bad words. Here, we cultivate imagination,... Read more


Ligue des Familles

La Ligue des familles is a Belgian French-speaking association supporting parents. It advocates four fundamental values, which make up its p... Read more

Dictonnary - Encyclopedias Social sciences


Atzéo editions offer means of learning to the pupils and ways of efficiency improvement to the teachers. Where others mainly sell exercices... Read more