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Lumen Vitae

Lumen Vitae publishes books which create the desire to live, the taste of meeting people and the pleasure of believing. In the tradition of ... Read more

Social sciences

Arbre à paroles (L')

A historic publishing house in the field of French-language poetry, L’Abre à paroles today publishes around twenty works a year, taking a... Read more

Alice Jeunesse

Founded in 1995, Alice Éditions started by publishing fine books and essays. It was in 2001 that Alice Jeunesse (Alice’s children’s boo... Read more



Founded in 1985, Editions du Cerisier were born out of the Théâtre des Rues in order to leave a trace: theatrical texts are doomed to be f... Read more


maelstrÖm reEvolution

maelstrÖm means ‘abyss’ or ‘whirlpool’, natural phenomena geographically situated near to the Norwegian cost, just beyond the polar... Read more



Les Éditions Indicator, an independent publisher since 1990, specialises in legal advice in tax, social, financial and property matters. Th... Read more

Dictonnary - Encyclopedias Economy/Management

Presses universitaires de Namur

Since its foundation in 1972, Les Presses universitaires de Namur (the academic presses of Namur) have shone light onto the research carried... Read more

Exact sciences Social sciences


Plantyn develops and distributes educational works for teachers, in addition to educational material for students and their parents. Plantyn... Read more



We hold and provide knowledge, we aim to enrich the expertise of our structural partners from the public and non-profit sectors, and offer t... Read more


Cactus Inébranlable

Cactus Inébranlable Editions publishes novels, short stories, and collections of sayings and short texts (in the "Les P'tits Cactus" collec... Read more