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Pensée et les hommes (La)

The purpose of the association is to contribute to the dissemination and dissemination of the principles of secularism, tolerance, human fra... Read more

Social sciences


Chronica editions were structured not long ago and are unlike any other traditional publishing house. They want to offer the audience and th... Read more

Comic strip


Weyrich editions is a French-speaking publishing house based in Neufchateau and published its first book in 2001. The house then broadened i... Read more

History Leisure and practical life?Literature?Tourism and travel?


Kana is an editor of Manga. The publications of Kana are grouped in seven collections : "Shonen Kana", "Big Kana", "Shojo Kana", "Dark Kana"... Read more

Comic strip

Ab Éditions

We publish the monthly Catholic journal 'La Charité'/'De Liefdadigheid' in both French and Dutch, which was created more than 120 years ago... Read more

Social sciences?

Luc Pire

The brand Éditions Luc Pire is widely renowned, due to more than 1,600 works being published under its label in 19 years. Its catalogue inv... Read more

Art History Social sciences

Presses universitaires de Louvain

The Presses universitaires de Louvain (Louvain University Press) offer almost 1,000 titles in all academic fields, and publish at a pace of ... Read more

Dictonnary - Encyclopedias Economy/Management Exact sciences Literature Social sciences

Première Ligne Éditions

La première ligne d'un livre, c'est le coup d'adrénaline sur la planche avant le grand plongeon dans le monde de l'édition. C'est la plus... Read more

Literature Youth

Institut royal du patrimoine artistique

The Royal Institute of the Artistic Heritage (in French, IRPA) is one of the ten scientific establishments within the jurisdiction of the fe... Read more

Art History

Vies parallèles

We believe that a book made of paper is a cutting-edge technology which has possibilities still to be explored; and Vies parallèles will ta... Read more